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Parent Coordinator at Queens High School Of Teaching

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Welcome back to a new school year!   If you have a moment, please complete our Parent Survey So that we may better serve you and partner up with our students and their families.

In 2002, the Mayor and Chancellor created the position of “Parent Coordinator” to ensure there was someone in each school directly responsible for supporting families. Parent Coordinators are the first people families should contact when they have questions or concerns about their children's schools.

As I start my fourth year as your Parent Coordinator, I am excited to get the year going. I look forward to greeting familiar faces and welcoming new faces.

We are so pleased that you are joining our family of learners. I will assist you in building a partnership in support of your child. At QHST, there are many on our team – administrators, teachers, and support staff – who are all committed to ensure your child’s academic success. We look forward to working together to provide a wonderful year of learning and academic growth for your child.

As your child’s first and most important teacher, we need you to help us get to know your child so that we can offer him/her the best learning experience possible. Please feel free to take advantage of our open door policy. You don’t have to wait for Parent-Teacher Conferences to meet with your child’s teachers, but you can make an appointment to meet with them throughout the year. We are here to support you.

High School can be a very challenging time for teenagers and Parents. With issues such as; identity development, peer-pressure and negative influences in media, it is NOW that you need to be most involved. One of the keys to your child’s success will be your ongoing involvement in our school community. Our PTA meetings are the BEST way to obtain valuable, up-to-date information about what’s going on at QHST. Meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30p.m. We also provide workshops and family centered events to empower and support you.

Also, if you have a business, special craft, hobby, gift, or time that you can donate throughout the day or at events please let me know. We are always looking for volunteers and parents with innovative ideas to increase parent involvement. I can be reached at 718-736-7100 ext 1364 from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday - Friday. Or you can E-mail I’m here to assist you with your questions, concerns, and comments. Please also stop by just to say hello!

Best wishes to you and your child for a productive academic year.

Cherub Alethia Ruth
Parent Coordinator/Busing Coordinator
Queens High School of Teaching
Room 138B
74-20 Commonwealth Blvd.
Bellerose, New York, 11426
718-736-7100 ext 1364/Fax 718-736-7117

I have provided information via the links below that will be beneficial to you and your child
For log-on information please e-mail or call the Parent Coordinator


Homework Help:

Jobs for Parents:
For anyone interested please feel free to email them at or write to them at: ParentJobNet, Inc. 459 Columbus Avenue, #504, New York, NY 10024 (1-866-541-3994) if you have any questions.

Click on the following link to view all jobs on-line:

Parent Resources:

New York State Education Department

New York Metro Parents

DOE Parents

Parent Bill of Rights

Student Bill of Rights

Parental Information and Resource Center

SAT, PSAT, College Planning, Scholarship Info

Parent Coordinators are part of the administrative team that works for school principals.
They work closely with school staff, school leadership teams, parent associations, community groups, and parent advisory councils to engage families and involve them in school communities. They also are charged with identifying issues of concern to families and working with school leaders to ensure that these issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Parent Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities
Increase parent involvement in the school by working closely with school, parent, and community organizations.
Serve as facilitator for parent and school community concerns and issues including, for example, school policies or  facilities issues.
Conduct outreach to engage parents in their children’s education.
Convene regular parent meetings and events around topics of key concerns to parents.
Attend parent meetings.
Work with the school parent association when asked to provide assistance in establishing by-laws and conducting their affairs in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-660.
Serve as a school liaison to central OFIA and its staff.
Maintain ongoing contact with community organizations that are involved with providing services to support the school’s educational program.
Organize open school night and other events to increase parental and community involvement, and create a welcoming school environment to parents.

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