Montessori At Queens High School Of Teaching

The Montessori SLC at the Queens High School of Teaching is a learning community of approximately 400 students and 25 dedicated faculty members. Different by design, we are committed to developing diverse learners who are prepared to become leaders and teachers in their communities, and productive and effective members of a global society. Our small learning community provides a framework where students are encouraged to perform to their highest potential through differentiated instruction, student-centered and cooperative classrooms, and instilling school wide values. Creating an inclusive environment we promote the ethical and moral development of our students. Through distributive leadership, students, staff, parents and other stakeholders fully participate in the teaching and learning process, while continuously reflecting, assessing and modifying our practices. As a proving ground for sound educational pedagogy, we are committed to insuring our students become lifelong learners enabling them to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Over the past 9 years, we have collaborated to create a personalized learning environment of academic rigor and high expectations, with a strong emphasis on social and emotional support, for all students.
Our vibrant Extended School Day (ESD) Life experience ensures that in the Montessori SLC, learning and community building continue far beyond the traditional school day. Our ESD program provides our students with the structured time, individual attention, and other supports necessary to build lasting and meaningful relationships and achieve the highest levels of success within our school’s challenging college preparatory curriculum.

Our Online Learning Communities:
Ms. Zia’s Online Chemistry Learning Community:

The Freshman Cohort’s Online Learning Community:

Ms. Wang’s 10th Grade Global Studies Online Learning Community:

Ms. Paparella’s 9th Grade Global Studies Online Learning Community:

Extended School Day Life

The Writing Center - The Writing Center is a club that gives students the opportunity to practice creative writing and share their work with other students. Students who enjoy writing poetry or short fiction are invited to join us, once a week. This year we are meeting on Fridays at 7:30 a.m. in Room 327 (subject to change). We will publish a literary magazine (in print and online), and have readings from time to time.

Asian American Club - The mission of the Asian Club is to increase awareness of the Asian American identity by hosting social, cultural, and educational events. We invite people of all ethnicities to join us in our celebration of diversity.

Drama Club - If you have interest in drama, theatre, acting, directing, play writing, etc... then you want to attend QHST' s Drama Club. Our club meets every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 in room 303. This year we will take huge steps towards our first full length play. We hope to get the play under way in January. For now, we are working on getting comfortable on the stage and using strong voice. So bring friends, partners or peers and come see what we are all about. Action!

Montessori Junior Cohort Academic Club of Excellence (ACE) - The burden of class work can be overwhelming for anyone. ACE provides an opportunity for students to get some extra help! Whether you need help in English, Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Chemistry, American History or just need a quiet space to complete projects or assignments, ACE is the place for you. The Montessori Junior Teachers are eagerly waiting to support you.
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