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WISE came to QHST in 2008 thanks to the efforts of Emerson Assistant Principal, Janine Werner. Started in the early 1970’s by founder Vic Leviatan, WISE is a nationwide high school program that offers a cure for ‘senioritis’. WISE, or Wise Individualized Senior Experience, gives senior students an opportunity to explore opportunities of their own design before leaving high school. The program is aimed to help senior high school students “stay on track” in their studies and to help prepare them to face the real world after graduation.

The WISE program gives students an opportunity to explore their passions and interests through real-life projects and internships. If a student is up-to-date on their transcript credits and NYS Regents exams by the second semester of senior year, they may be eligible to be temporarily released from their daytime classes. Past student interests have included medicine, dentistry, teaching, fashion design, funeral directing, event planning, ecology and cooking.

Students have the chance to go out in the world and are given the freedom to design their own projects. While they report back regularly to QHST they have the freedom to explore the world and pursue a passion. The program and the project culminate with a student presentation of everything they’ve learned and experienced during their time with the WISE project.

During participation in the WISE program the students are supported by adult mentors from the QHST staff. They write in journals to keep a written record of their journey and they maintain classroom portfolios that document their path from the student world to the adult world. To date, over 200 students from QHST have participated in the program.

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