The Queens High School of Teaching’s Teaching Institute

Each year, approximately twenty-five students from each community are selected to participate in QHST’s Teaching Institute. The Teaching Institute is designed for students who are contemplating a career in teaching or related professions including communications, law, medicine and health care, and the social sciences. Students who honor our school, for example our Valedictorian or a student selected to represent QHST at a National or International function or a student wanting to join Arista, are selected from current or past Teaching Institute students. Furthermore, students who are part of this program and perform well will graduate with an enhanced graduation certificate endorsed by the Teaching Institute. Therefore, acceptance into the Teaching Institute is a much sought after placement.

TI students will receive assistance in gaining access into quality university education programs. We have college and scholarship relationships for students who aspire to teach. One is the CUNY Teacher Academy which offers four year scholarships to selected students who want to teach Math and/ or Science. There is the new ExecComm Scholarship that was created specifically for QHST. The scholarship awards $5000 to each of three students – one from each Community - who want to teach areas other than Math and Science. There is the Posse Foundation that interviews students who participate in leadership and citizenship programs like TI and awards four year scholarships to a range of prestigious colleges.

The Teaching Institute has two components

Internship: a week students will go into a classroom on our campus or in the Bellerose community to observe, assist, interview, tutor and, eventually, teach.

Teaching Seminar: a week students will meet with the Education Teacher in a seminar to examine best practice teaching and to debrief the internship. Students will take part in on-site and off-site conferences and workshops.
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