Gardner At Queens High School Of Teaching

The Howard Gardner known for the philosophy of multiple intelligences said:

"I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place."

The Gardner community emerged the first year of the existance of QHST. Mr Pugh(QHST principal) and Joan Washington (811Q principal) at that time joined forces to create a unique program in which District 75 students would be accepted into an inclusive non judgemental high school environment. At the on set of the program there were only 8 District 75 inclusion students and one self contained class. The following year the inclusion program grew to include 16 students in a cross community setting. By the third year of the program it was decided that each community (Freire, Montessori and Emerson) would host 9 District 75 students with one SETSS teacher. These students whose instruction would be shared by the two schools were given what we began to call "double citizenship", they belonged to the Gardner (D75) and whichever community hosted them. At the present time the Gardner Community has five self contained classes and three inclusion programs at QHST.

The QHST Friends Program allows general education students to peer tutor, help in social situations and learn to adapt and modify work so that all students can benefit from the inclusive setting.

The Garden Club was started four years ago as a vision of students having hands on learning experiences. At that time the club aligned itself with the Ecology club and the 4 H club. The 4 H club has built all the raised beds in the garden. These beds were created so that all students including those in wheelchairs would have access to gardening. Each year the garden continues to grow and it now produces enough to share produce during the Summer and early Fall time. During the Summer months the District 75 students work and maintain the garden daily.

To find out more about PS811Q District 75 Programs attached is a link to the comprehensive plan whose mission statement is:

"The mission of PS 811Q is to promote challenging educational experiences, with equity of opportunity and access, that will enable all students, commensurate with their abilities to become participating and contributing members of a multicultural society."
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