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College Now is a free program designed to prepare New York City's public high school students for college.
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How it works

A New York City public high school collaborates with one or more of the 17 City University of New York (CUNY) colleges to create a College Now partnership. The program then offers eligible students a number of ways to improve their high school performance and get a head start on college.

College Now offers many activities and opportunities:
•academic courses (both for high school and college credit)
•campus-based tours and cultural events, such as theater or dance performances
•exclusive scholarship offers

For more details on how the program works, see our FAQ page .

Why it works

College is not just a continuation of high school. It pays to know what's ahead. By taking part in College Now you will become acquainted with the demands of college life and work before you get there. Research shows that this preparation does help: students who participated in College Now tend to do better than their counterparts once they are in college!

Visit the Collaborative Programs online Data Book to read quantitative and qualitative studies on how College Now supports student persistence in college, as well as recent research on the ways dual-enrollment programs are improving rates of student success in postsecondary education.

Who runs the program

College Now is a collaborative program of the City University of New York (CUNY)/Office of Academic Affairs and the New York City Department of Education. Each CUNY college administers its own College Now program; the College Now Central Office provides administrative, programming, and professional development assistance to all College Now programs throughout the University.

The City University of New York has a long and illustrious history of educating generations of New Yorkers. Founded in 1847, it is the nation's largest public urban university system, with campuses located in all five boroughs. CUNY's nationally recognized academic programs can boast of award-winning faculty and alumni in every field from art to zoology.

College Now Frequently Asked Questions
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